The first publishers in America were small presses, known today as indie-publishers. Short for independent publishers. Their investment was costly. Not only in operation costs, but time and effort.

In 2006, when I wrote my first novel, the digital age was just beginning. Yet many publishing houses, including the indie-author publishers, were stuck in the stone ages. They used terms such as short runs and long runs. These terms are still widely used today, they have lost their meaning.

A new comer was forcing his way onto the scene, POD (Print On-Demand). POD was mocked, ignored and push to the side. POD was considered the domain of the lowly self-published writer who wasn’t good enough to land a real publisher.

Did you know, Mark Twain was a self-publisher?

That’s right Samuel Langhorne Clemens, pen-name: Mark Twain, started his first self-publishing venture in 1884. He was dissatisfied with his publishers and in 1885 he self-published “Adventures of Huck Finn” and “Personal Memories of Ulysses S. Grant”.

In 2006 I put my hat in the POD ring and published my first book. First Run Publishing was born. POD has come a long way since 2006. Today many books sold on are POD.